8.5 – 31.8.2017 New Horizons – Victor Westerholm in the Archipelago



Art exhibition 8th of May – 31st of Aug 2017
May: friday – sunday 11am -6pm
June – August: every day 11am – 6pm
or on order info@skargardscentrum.fi



Guided tour everyday at 5 pm (30 min). The door to the exhibition hall remains shut for the duration of the guided tour.

Tickets: 5€/pers, children younger than 12: 0€.
Tickets including guiding: 7€/pers (groups)
Booking 040 730 5735 Anna Franzén.

One of Finland’s foremost landscape painters Victor Westerholm (1860-1919) has a strong connection to Nagu which is often bypassed. His parents originated from Nagu and his first drawings and paintings depicted landscapes from the island.

Works of Westerholm’s art depicting the archipelago are shown in the exhibit. Some of the art pieces originate from private collections and have not previously been seen by the public. The exhibition also includes selected works by contemporary Finnish artists to create an interesting interplay with Westerholm’s paintings – together they form contrasts, open up new horizons and meanings, furthermore, they complement each other. History is reflected in the present.

With contribution from:
Svenska kulturfonden
Martha och Albin Löfgrens kulturfond
Sparbanksstiftelsen i Korpo
Sparbanksstiftelsen i Nagu

In cooporation with Åbo konstmuseum and Multiculti rf NGO.


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