Andrée 125

125 years since the first flight from Sweden to Finland

In late October in 1893, engineer S. A. Andrée, who later arranged an expedition to the North Pole, stranded with his hydrogen balloon on the little island Eskören north-east of Brunskär in southern Korpo. Andrée was rescued by Edward Danielsson from Brunskär and the story about the balloonist has passed from generation to generation. It was evidently the first time a man came by air from Sweden to Finland.

The Brunskärs Byalag Association will celebrate the event on June 7th, 2018 in Archipelago Centre Korpoström. The director of the Grenna Museum – the Arctic Center in Sweden will participate, as well as descendants of Edward Danielsson, and the story will also be told by music and dramatization. The same day, an exhibition about this first flight to Finland is opened at the Archipelago Centre.

In the afternoon an excursion will be arranged to the island Eskören, where there is a monument in honor of Andrée. The monument was raised by a group of boy scouts in the 1930s.

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