The company Cesa Oy is in charge of the harbour.

Number of moorings: 60 – 70

Berthing: buoy, beam, side mooring

Harbor fees in 2020:
25 €/ buoy or beam
40 €/ side mooring (up to 15 m.)
4 €/ meter side mooring for boats over 15 meters of length.
Fees include electricity, fresh water, sauna, showers, toilets, dish washing station, access to garbage station and emptying of holding tank. Laundry room can be used for an extra charge.

5€/ berth reservation

Fuel station 24/7: D, E98, Neste MY renewable Diesel

From the beginning of June until the end of August the harbor is open daily. During that same period you will in the harbor area also find the following: café, restaurant, hotel, grocery store, clothing shop and bike rental as well as the Visitor Centre’s exhibitions and present shop with local handicrafts.

In May and September the harbor is open during most weekends. Please, call us to check if we are open, before you arrive!

040 139 12 18 / visit@skargardscentrum.fi

Code of Conduct

  • For your own safety, do not swim in the marina
  • Idling is prohibited
  • Open fire or fireworks prohibited in the harbour
  • Silence prevails in the port area between 23:00 – 07:00
  • In case of too loud music/ noise, the boat guests are reprimanded and can be rejected from the port

Environmental Rules

  • It is strictly forbidden to litter in the port area, throw garbage in the water, or leave garbage bags outside the garbage bins or the garbage station
  • The garbage station is located on the upper side of the main building. It may be used by the port’s paying customers, or by customers who pay separately for garbage disposal. You need a code to enter the garbage house
  • The following waste is received at the garbage station: paper, cardboard, glass, metal, combustible mixed waste and hazardous waste, such as bilge water, oil and batteries
  • Hazardous waste is kept in a locked storage cabinet next to the garbage house. Please contact the staff at the grocery store for further instructions
  • In the harbour there is a septic tank with a pump. It is strictly forbidden to empty the boat’s toilet in the sea (both in the harbour and at sea)
  • The port does not have a boat wash and cannot be used as a shipyard. Boat cleaning and repairs may not be carried out in the port
  • We ask everyone to keep in mind that Korpoström is located next to the Archipelago Sea National Park. In the park areas, extra rules apply. More info about the rules can be found on the Archipelago Sea National Park’s signs next to this board and inside the Archipelago Center’s main building. Also read more on the Archipelago Sea National Park’s signs and maps about which areas should be especially avoided

Emergency Plan and Safety Instructions

  • A telephone can be borrowed in case of emergency at the Harbour Office/ Reception in the main building.
  • In case of emergency call 112 and calmly tell the operator what happened
  • Inform the port staff immediately if an accident occurs
  • In case of fire in the port area, contact the fire brigade (Rescue Authority): 112
  • In case of fire on a boat in the marina, immediately notify the staff and people in the surrounding boats
  • A boat on fire needs to be pushed away from the berths and neighbouring boats after everyone on board has been helped off the boat in question 
  • Children are recommended to wear life jackets in the harbour area
  • Please follow the instructions for filling gasoline/ petrol tanks at the fuelling station
  • Use the electrical outlets safely! Ask the staff if you need more information
  • First-aid equipment can be found at the reception/ harbour office in the main building
  • A defibrillator is situated next to the entrance to the service building/ sauna and shower department
  • Fire-fighting and lifesaving equipment are situated in several places around the Archipelago Centre and on the jetties. Check the map on the information board for more information!
  • Meeting point in case of fire or other bigger emergency is marked on the map on the information board in the marina.  It’s situated approx. 100 meters to the north from the main building
  • Please note that on the island of Gyltö to the west of Korpoström there is a military area that is off limits for all types of boats and aircrafts. It is absolutely forbidden to enter the area.

If you have any questions concerning safety issues at the marina, please contact the harbour office/ reception. 

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