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What is your relation to the fish?

The exhibition Piscatus – Fish and Man offers a variety of perspectives on a complex theme: fishing as well as the relationship of humankind with the sea, coastal areas and the marine environment. 

Enter the exhibition, stay for a while inside the diving bell and reflect on these questions: What is your relation to the underwater world and that above the surface? How are the fish swimming in the reeds doing? How do those who have lived by the sea for generations experience its changes? What do scientists’ results show? How does a commercial fisherman live? As a visitor, you may have stories, memories and opinions that you wish to share. We can make them part of the exhibition!

Piscatus focuses on one of the world’s largest archipelagos, the Archipelago Sea. It lies in the heart of the Baltic Sea, which is, sadly, among the most polluted seas in the world. The exhibition also provides wider, global perspectives and insights into a future with a hopefully more sustainable relationship between humankind and the fish and the sea.

We wish to thank the following contributors:

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