We charge an admission fee to the main exhibition.

  • 8 €/ adult
  • 0€/ visitors under 18 years of age

Museum Card

NEW! You can now visit our main exhibition with the Museum Card!

The national Museum Card (Museokortti) (69€) is a ticket to over 300 museums in Finland. You can purchase the card from our ticket stand (and receive a temporary card directly and the real card the mail). You can also purchase your Museum Card here: https://osta.museokortti.fi/sv

Guided Tours

Because of the Covid-19 situation all the public guided tours have been cancelled.

  • First tour: 9:30–10:15
  • Second tour: 16:00–16:45
  • You only pay for the ticket to the main exhibition. No extra fee is charged for the tour.
  • No need to sign up in advance
  • The tour will be in the language(s) needed: Swedish, Finnish and/ or English.

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