The Archipelago Center offers a variety of services to different groups.

  • as a visitor centre with archipelago themed exhibitions, we are a natural destination for tourist groups travelling by bus, bicycle or motorcycle
  • for companies we provide a location for meetings and seminars in an inspiring archipelago setting
  • for schools and daycare groups we are a educational destination in the sphere marine- and environmental biology
  • for organisations vi offer seminar rooms and lecture halls
  • for associations we provide spaces for concerts, theatre performances and film screenings etc.
  • for private groups we offer our restaurant as a venue for larger parties

Our restaurant and the hotel with 16 rooms provides us with the opportunity to provide board and lodging for events stretching over several days.
Our exhibitions, guided tours, the proximity to the Archipelago sea national park and the building’s role as a research station for marine biology gives your stay a unique feel.

Exhibitions and guided tours

Our main exhibition can be opened for pre-booked groups outside the regular opening hours.

Be sure to leave time to visit our handicrafts shop when visiting the exhibition!

Guided tours for groups can be booked with the exhibition staff::

The Restaurant

Vår restaurant Our restaurant has room for 120 guests indoors and an additional 80 outside, 40 of which are under a roof.

The restaurant can offer coffee services or buffet meals to visiting groups when requested in advance, as well as a venue for larger parties such as weddings, graduations etc.

Contact the reception for an offer from the restaurant: / +358-40-1391218

Meetings and seminars

Our versatile and high-quality venues are seamlessly adapted for the purpose of your meetings, parties and other corporate and private events, regardless of season. We look forward to hosting your meetings and events within the beautiful surroundings of the sea and nature of the archipelago. We wish for the meeting rooms to be in use and therefore offer them for free to groups contracting another of our services.

Obs! that for the auditorium we charge an hourly rate of 50€ or 350€ per day. If you wish to use our equipment for the meetings we need to have service staff present and are thus obliged to charge a service fee of 50€. If you wish to use our venues and/or equipment please get in touch as soon as possible. For the auditorium we also charge a 50€ fee for setting up and cleaning up the venue, unless you do it yourself.

Contact the reception if you wish to use our equipment or require setting up the auditorium: / +358-40-1391218

Groups to the Kid’s Lab

The Kid’s Lab Tis an educational activity for children with a focus on marine biology. During the summer months the Kid’s Lab is open without pre-booking, and during the latter half of August and in September it is open for school- and daycare groups on order.

Please note that if you wish to visit the Kid’s lab with a larger group of children, we wish to be informed in advance so we are prepared to recieve you!

Book a visit to the Kid’s Lab at:

The Kid’s Lab is operated by the UNESCO Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve. The Kid’s Lab is a part of the Bioshphere Academy program which also includes projects in environmental education for schools and daycares in Pargas and Kimitoön.

Our venues

The Auditorium has a wooden floor and can be set up according to your preferences. You can do this yourself or book the venue fully furnished for an additional fee of 50€. The Auditiorium has a large screen for film- or other projections. There is also a speaker system with microphones (These incur a service charge of 50€).
Bryggan is located on the top floor with an excellent view out over the sea.
The room can be furnished for approximately 18 people with a table, chairs, and aprojector with speakers.
The sauna cabinet is a meeting room for 10-12 people with chairs and a table, as well as a mini-kitchen with a refridgerator and running water.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!We can provide all basic service a group requires as well as so much more. Here you can combine venues, food and lodging with guided tours, exhibitions, handicrafts, science, history, nature and art. Tell us more about your group so we can assemble a personalized package for you.

on the “Contact page” you can find a form for inquiries as well as all of our contact information. samlade.