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Welcome to Archipelago Centre Korpoström!

This year’s main exhibition is called ”Times of Strife” and tells our visitors about the 18th century in the archipelago. The exhibition is produced as a part of the Central Baltic-project DefenceArch.

The Crafts Workshop comments on the main exhibition by exhibiting handmade 18th century clothing. Wool dyed with vegetable matters is also on display.

In our auditorium you can read the story about the Swedish explorer Salomon Andrée, who crash landed with his hydrogen balloon close to the island of Brunskär in Korpo 125 years ago. “Andrée 125” is produced by Brunskärs byalag.

The artist duo Elin&Keino exhibits two artworks “Zostera Marina” and “Insertio” at the Archipelago Centre. The works have been produced in co-operation with the Åbo Akademi University’s unit for environmental and marine biology.

The first part of our new permanent exhibition “Our archipelago” has opened. The exhibition will grow during the next two years.

Below you will find more information about our exhibitions and events.

You are warmly welcome!



Korpoström Archipelago Center is a visitor center for science, nature, art and culture, with a mission to ”Cover man’s relationship to nature in the archipelago – historically, as well as at the present time and in the future – and to present the archipelago and its peculiar nature to its visitors”.

The Archipelago center works in an interdisciplinary manner to create exhibitions and happenings with interesting angles of approach on matters and phenomena that are peculiar to the archipelago. The people co-operating are scientists, artists, cultural workers, volunteers and public officials. Our center also works as station for marine biology (Åbo Akademi University), as base for the Archipelago National Park and as guest harbor and conference center.


Our Archipelago

The Archipelago Centre’s new permanent exhibition gives the answers to your questions about the archipelago.

Kid’s Lab

Open from Tuesdays to Saturdays all summer. Exiting and educational work shops for children.

4.8.2018 Crafts Workshop – Korpo kulturgille rf NGO

We dye wool with plants from 10 am to 3 pm.

Trips to the outer islands with M/S Amanda

Trips to the Outer Archipelago

Island Hopping m/s Amanda


Outer Archipelago Tour

Guided kayak tour

Rent a bike

Charter cruises

Excursions on rubber boat

Västergård Outdoors Bikes

Trips with the Taxiboat Mira

The Archipelago Trail

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